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Money Saving Daylighting

 Everest Supply is the exclusive distributor of Ciralight SunTrackerOne skylights in Ontario. We are pleased to inform you that we are running this advertisement in the January 2008 edition of Info-Link.

SunTrackerOne reduces energy bills by bringing sunlight into a building at intensity levels where daytime electrical lights are no longer needed.

SunTrackerOne uses a state-of-the-art solar powered control system to track the sun with an array of three mirrors that effectively reflect sunlight into the building. Light passes through a thermal barrier, through a light well and a bottom light diffuser to effectively spread the light throughout the building. It can reduce energy bills by 15-30%.

Ciralight�s SunTrackerOne daylighting system produces up to nine times more light than a passive skylight and distributes light more evenly over a wider area. Approximately 86% of electricity in traditional buildings is dedicated to lights, fans and cooling. Compared to electric lighting, it produces illumination equivalent to 800 watts of fluorescent lighting, or more than a 1,000 watt metal halide lamp. Since it does not draw any line voltage, electricity costs for lighting drop to zero during the average of 10 hours a day that it reflects light indoors.

The combination of lumen performance, low operating cost, long life cycle and much lower heat generation is what makes the system so energy and maintenance efficient.

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