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Everest Freight Charge and Rooftop Delivery Charges

December 1, 2011

The following is a description of the Everest Supply Inc. freight and roof loading charge policy effective January 1, 2012.
Flatbed and Self Unloading Equipment

All delivered materials whether on Everest equipment or contracted carriers are subject to a 1.5% pre-tax freight charge. As an example, a full truckload of polyiso insulation delivered to a project in Newmarket with a value of $12,000 before taxes will have a $180.00 freight charge applied.

Rooftop Delivery Charges Standard 25 Ton Equipment

The Everest Rooftop Delivery charge is a flat fee of $1.50 per square, based on the use of a 25-ton crane, with a minimum charge of $350.00 per delivery. As an example, a 500 square project loaded in two “hits”, the rooftop delivery charges will be $375.00 per hit. If the project is say only 150 squares and again taken in two “hits”, the minimum charge of $350.00 would apply per hit.

Rooftop Delivery Charges Requiring Greater than Standard 25 Ton Equipment

Larger cranes than the standard 25 ton crane will be charged out at the difference in the hourly cost of the larger crane rate over a base rate of $115.00 per hour as well as minimum hours in excess of four hours. For example a 60 ton crane costing $230.00/hour loading a 200 square project the rooftop delivery charges will be as follows. The $1.50/square or $350.00 rooftop delivery charges plus the first four hours at the $115.00/hour difference plus the last two hours at the 60 ton crane rate of $230.00/hour.

Speedy Delivery Service Vehicles

The Everest Speedy Delivery vans or pick-up trucks service is provided for small or emergency deliveries at a charge of $95.00 in the GTA region. The cost for service outside this area will be by quotation.


Tim Davis

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